To the editor: Hester’s true colors

In late 2009, WRAL-TV reported that Geranium Lane, the only road into and out of a subdivision in the Kittrell area, washed out for the second time in two years.

The developer told WRAL’s reporter, Beau Minnick, that his “repairs won’t stop the road from flooding again…the homes sit up on a hill, while the road crosses the creek in a valley.” He went on to blame the dire recurring situation on other people.

More than likely, from the time work began on this “subdivision” and the time it was complete, the topography of the land did not change. The developer made a conscious decision to build it the way he did.

Who was the developer? It was none other than Tommy Hester, candidate for District 7 county commissioner. Much has been said publicly about Hester’s business prowess and his genuine concern for Vance County. Several Henderson muckity-mucks have even bragged about his success as a property developer. Much has been said about his sharing his success with civic organization after civic organization.

This particular situation, however, provides us with only questions.

Wouldn’t a seasoned, reputable, successful, and caring businessman plan and complete a project right the first time, without all the do-overs? Wouldn’t a seasoned, reputable, successful, and caring businessman take responsibility for his own actions, without pointing fingers and blaming others?

It appears that Hester’s true colors are starting to bleed through the whitewash.

Do we really want Tommy Hester building Vance County’s road to the future?