To the editor: Henderson’s most prized possession

The District 7 County Commission seat must be one extremely valuable property, a real trophy. Why else would Tommy Hester have tried to get it in 2002, again in 2006, and now in 2010?

In 2002, his opponent mysteriously and suspiciously withdrew from the race just before the election, leaving Hester unopposed. No contest/forfeit…trophy to Hester.

In 2006, Hester’s friends in District 7 did the wise thing and replaced him because he was ineffective in his four years as a commissioner. Tough contest…trophy to Hughes.

Now, in 2010, Hester is pulling out all the stops to get the seat again. He and his inner circle have created a high priced campaign machine. He has secured public endorsements (complete with grin and say cheese pictures) from high profile Democrats who have never even voted for a Republican, much less endorsed one. He has enlisted many people to sign Letters to the Editor of dubious authorship. And let’s not forget the first order of business for the Hester campaign machine — the attempt to silence public speech/debate by threatening to sue local bloggers.

Funny thing about trophies…they can be earned or they can be purchased. Hester got the trophy by forfeit in 2002. Hughes earned the trophy in 2006. Soon we’ll know who takes home the trophy for the next four years.

Will Hughes win it or will Hester buy it?