To the editor: Discretion

Our freedom of speech is ideally anchored to discretion.

We ‘discriminate’ that which is useful or not and act accordingly. Unfortunately, freedom cuts in two directions; freedom to instill fear or freedom to generate consensus, which implies a certain amount of mutual trust.

Spoken and written words have limitless power to create good will or not. Words carry our spirit energy and do hurt beyond sticks and stones. Ever wanted to take back some hurtful words? Can you?

I personally value my freedom of expression. I take personal responsibility for the power of my words, knowing my words can create anger or happiness. I remain called a Pollyanna, wearing rose colored glasses, into my mature years. It is my personal choice to see the beauty of what can be, rather than the ugliness of what is. Today is not at all tomorrow if we see below the surface of this aching stage of development.

Accepting that I cannot change anyone, much less the world, I still wonder how many lives can and will be lifted with the right words at the right time. I write this in the hope those who use frivolous, hurtful words will reconsider the energy they are projecting into their world.

Humble Hendersonian by Choice,
believer in the ultimate victory of loving your neighbors,
Ms. Copper Rain