To the editor: Attend council meeting on 11/15/2010

I urge every resident of Henderson and Vance County, to attend the special meeting of the Henderson City Council that has been scheduled for Monday, November 15, 2010, at 06:00 p.m. at City Hall located on Rose Avenue.

The stated purpose of this meeting is to discuss the ongoing issue of Joint Funding; how tax dollars are collected and allocated to fund the 911 function, the Library, the Aycock Athletic Complex, The Aquatics Center, Recreation Department and others.

Since Henderson City Council Member Bobby Gupton raised the issue of Joint Funding several years ago as promised in his campaign, there have been many discussions that have raised serious questions regarding the inequality of the current method. Simply stated, the issue is should taxpayers living in the City of Henderson pay a greater share of the cost associated with funding the services noted above that are available for equal use by all residents of Vance County.

Like many other advocates of equal funding, I believe that the resolution of the Joint Funding issue is a central element in the future growth and development of our community. Volumes have been written and hours of discussion have been devoted to the “Who, How, When and Why” we have reached this point. It is my position that as a community we must join together and rise above petty power struggles and politics in order to develop a fair and more importantly, a easily understood, method of funding so that all equally share the benefit and cost.

Like many other ongoing issues in Henderson and Vance County, far too much valuable time and resources are devoted to “protecting turf” as opposed to recognizing that problems exist so that solutions can be developed that will benefit everyone today and in the future.

On many occasions, members of the Henderson City Council as well as the Vance County Board of Commissioners have acknowledged that nothing causes them to take action as quickly as a room filled with voters. Regardless of your position in the matter of Joint Funding, please attend the meeting so that the Council Members may be motivated to seriously discuss timely resolution of the issue.

Remember, we deserve what we are willing to accept.

Lewis H. Edwards
2412 Oxford Road
Henderson, NC