Council tables policy on jointly funded projects

The Henderson City Council voted 7-1 in favor of tabling a resolution that would have set a council policy position on jointly funded programs with Vance County.

In his introduction of the agenda item, City Manager Ray Griffin characterized the policy as one that had been crafted based on council recommendations made at a special meeting held on Monday, November 15, 2010.

Had the measure passed, it would have taken 911, airport, and tax collection funding off the table for any talks that might lead to revising the current funding structure. The resolution would have called for the county to:

  • increase county funding for the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library from the current 65% to 80% over a two-to-four year period;
  • increase county funding for Recreation from 45% to 80% over a two-year period of time;
  • called for the Henderson City Attorney to research statues and determine the best way to deal with a gap in state law relating to municipal elections and called for the City Manager to consult with the Board of Elections to determine that body’s methodology in determining its costs;
  • called for a discussion of Alcohol Board of Control revenues that are currently split 85%/15% in favor of the county.
  • Member Sara Coffey was the first to suggest tabling the policy position based on negotiations that took place earlier this year. According to Coffey, the county had agreed to reduce Henderson’s contribution to the Board of Elections to 17%, but this has not yet been put in writing. She suggested that the motion be tabled until a written agreement is secured.

    The Vance County Board of Commissioners agreed in a meeting in March of 2010 to lower the city’s contribution to the Board of Elections from 22% to 17.4% due to demographic shifts that have occurred since the agreement was established in 1973.

    Member Garry Daeke questioned Coffey on tabling the whole resolution because of election numbers.

    Member Mike Inscoe supported Coffey, stating to fellow council members that a response was needed from the county before continuing.

    Coffey introduced the resolution to table the policy, and the motion was seconded by Inscoe.

    Daeke was the only member to vote against the tabling of the policy.