City to amend graffiti ordinance

During Monday’s work session of the Henderson City Council, members agreed to make changes to the city’s anti-graffiti ordinance meant to streamline the enforcement process.

City Manager Ray Griffin remarked at the outset of the discussion that the revisions to the ordinance represent four-to-five months of work by the Public Safety Committee.

The Public Safety Committee is chaired by Ward 4 member Lonnie Davis.

Among other changes, property owners will now have only ten days to remediate graffiti once notified by the city as opposed to 30 days called for by the current version of the ordinance. The fine for defacing property with graffiti will increase from $100 to $250 in the new version of the city rule.

Violators are subject to state criminal violations in addition to penalties assessed by the local ordinance.

Council member Mike Inscoe suggested that the city needs to set an example for property owners and to remove graffiti promptly from city property. Member Garry Daeke noted that a similar problem exists with graffiti on state traffic signs located in Henderson. Griffin went on to remark that since citizens don’t know where state roads ends and local roads begin that graffiti on state signs creates the appearance that the city isn’t doing anything. He said that the city will be contacting the state engineer for Henderson’s district “on a prompt basis.”

Inscoe used the discussion as a springboard from which to note that there are many signs throughout the city that are no longer relevant. He cited signs referring to the former Clark Street School and the now-defunct bus station on Andrews Avenue as examples of expired signage in the city.

He also observed that some of the signs “are no longer perpendicular”, i.e., are leaning.