City loose leaf collection to Jan. 15, 2011

The City of Henderson’s Public Works Department staff is working diligently to remove raked leaves from the curbing as they are left for pick up. Except for inclement weather, the leaf collection crews are working six days per week to assure to collect all loose leaves by the January 15, 2011 deadline.

Those residents that have not yet raked their leaves to the edge of the street need to complete the task as soon as possible. After January 15, 2011, all leaves must be properly bagged or in a container when left at the curb for pick up.

As a reminder, please do not rake leaves into ditches and storm drains intended to carry storm water. Storm water drainage ditches, catch basins and other storm drains blocked with leaves can cause flooding of streets and yards. Flooded streets can cause hydroplaning and other problems that are hazardous to motorist, especially while traveling at night.

Any questions should be directed to the Public Works office. You may call Cindy at 252.431.6115 or Linda at 252.431.6118.