Man arrested 43 times for larceny

HPD encourages businesses to join program aimed at curbing larcenies by habitual offenders

On December 28, 2010 Calvin Wilson, 51, of 835 Water Street in Henderson, North Carolina was arrested and charged with misdemeanor larceny, second degree trespass, and resisting a public officer.

Wilson’s arrest was related to his alleged removal of the following items from Food Lion, 1419 E. Andrews Ave in Henderson: country ham, ham biscuits, steaks, and thin boneless steaks. The items were valued at $57.01.

Calvin Wilson
Calvin Wilson

Wilson was taken to the magistrate office and was given a $1,000 secured bond.

Arrested along with Wilson was Clarissa Dunston of 5519 Jacksontown Road, Manson, North Carolina for aiding and abetting a larceny. She received a $400 secured bond. Ms. Dunston is alleged to have assisted Wilson in the larceny.

Calvin Wilson has been arrested 43 times for misdemeanor larceny or shoplifting and has been convicted 43 times for similar charges.

Due to habitual larcenies, the Henderson Police Department have been contacting area businesses to implement measures similar to what has been implemented at the Walmart store. This partnership is a part of the Community Revitalization Initiative and community policing established under the zone policing concept utilized by the police department.

Through this partnership, the police department is charging individuals with N.C. General Statue 14-55, which makes it illegal to remain in a building or establishment without consent with the intent to commit a felony or a larceny. The police department is also charging individuals with N.C. General Statue 14-72.11 (2), larceny from a merchant.

The Henderson Police Department encourages any business that would like to implement N.C. General Statue 14-72.11 (2), larceny from a merchant, to contact the Criminal Investigations Section at 252.431.6062 to obtain information on how to place signs at their store.

The Henderson Police Department maintains a list of habitual misdemeanor offenders and habitual felony offenders, and periodically presents this list to the district attorney’s office for prosecution.

Members of the Henderson Police Department encourage citizens to contact their local representatives to lobby the state legislature to develop a habitual misdemeanor larceny statute similar to what is already on the books in the Commonwealth of Virginia.