Purdue asks for review of boards & commissioners

Gov. Perdue asked the members of the General Assembly to review a full list of 345 boards and commissions with an eye on eliminating or consolidating some.

She made her request late last week.

Last year, Perdue announced her plan for Setting Government Straight. Her plan included a review of a list of 150 boards and commissions. Perdue told reporters this week that after studying the list, she decided there was an opportunity for lawmakers to be more aggressive about eliminating bureaucracy.

“After reviewing the list, I look forward to working with the General Assembly as we efficiently and systematically streamline the way North Carolina does business,” Perdue said. “We need to consolidate and eliminate wherever possible.”

Perdue emphasized that some boards – such as trustees for college campuses – are obviously beneficial. Others may have outlived their purpose.

Perdue asked that the legislature conduct their review in a spirit of bipartisanship that respects the balance of appointment powers in both the executive and legislative branches.

She also pledged to sunset any necessary new commissions by an executive order with a clear and specific end date.

“Working together, we can hone boards and commissions down to just those we truly need to best serve the people of this state,” Perdue said.