Tuesday Open Line

I’d like to thank everyone for the warm welcome!  Still checking out some a few bugs, an issue with password changes not functioning properly, and have modified the way we count comment ratings.  Thanks to mudball and Ira for the tips.  I know Ira didn’t mean any wrong, he was just testing it out like I asked everyone to do.  However, I had to modify a policy I hoped to keep.  Unfortunately, for those that knew how, it was possible to vote more than once per comment if you performed certain wizardry.  I had to configure it that way so that non logged in users could vote.  However, since within 24 hours of launching the site someone exploited it, I have changed so you must log in to like a comment.

A point has been made that now the blog is owned by a company it will censor.  I’d like to point out the blog was owned by a company before, Home in Henderson, Inc.  Ok, a little different.  I guess time will prove itself to what will have to be censored.  The question is what do YOU want censored?  Nothing?  You want every comment checked before publishing?  You can’t have both.  My sincere hope is that I never have to censor anything.  That’s why I put the tools in your hands to hide what you don’t like.  Should I put filters in place to block certain words?  Famous 4 letter words?  Famous 3 letter acronyms?   Racial slurs?  I’d much prefer not to filter anything.  I only intend to filter words and content that would make this an R rated site and not the intended PG to PG-13 rated site.  I think that is acceptable to all. Ideas?  Discuss.

I’ll give it until the end of the week or so and then remove the news about the website change from the first view of our site.   The Open Lines will be shown instead at the top left box on the website, unless there’s ever important website news to announce otherwise.

Here’s your open line…