Wednesday Open Line

Kudos to the HPD for over 350 felony charges across 12 locals suspected of recent home invasion robberies announced yesterday.  9 people have already been arrested in this investigation.  In relation, a bill is sweeping its way through our state house that would make a persons 8th larceny charge and above an automatic felony.  In detail, it would make a felony if it has been “committed after the defendant has been convicted in this State or in another jurisdiction for any offense of larceny under this section, or any offense deemed or punishable as larceny under this section, or of any substantially similar offense in any other jurisdiction, regardless of whether the prior convictions were misdemeanors, felonies, or a combination thereof, at least seven times. A conviction shall not be included in the seven prior convictions required under this subdivision unless the defendant was represented by counsel or waived counsel at first appearance or otherwise prior to trial or plea. If a person is convicted of more than one offense of misdemeanor larceny in a single session of district court, or in a single week of superior court or of a court in another jurisdiction, only one of the convictions may be used as a prior conviction under this subdivision; except that convictions based upon offenses which occurred in separate counties shall each count as a separate prior conviction under this subdivision.”  If passed, this bill would become effective December 1, 2011.

A reminder that tonight is a Vance County Board of Education called meeting at 5:30pm at the Administrative Services Center on Graham Avenue.