Funds For Beacon Light to be Demolished

Reporter –  Leigh Hester – After a three year wait, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has deposited grant funds into the City of Henderson’s escrow account for the demolition of the Beacon Light apartment complex.

Located on the 300 block of Boddie St, the dilapidated complex has been a blight on the community and a target for arson for years.

In October of 2009, the Henderson City Council voted to proceed with a demolition order after owner Sharif Abdehalim failed to provide plans to rehabilitate the complex and a letter of credit showing his ability to do so. Insurance funds from the 2007 fire were, under the HUD-issued deed, to be used for renovation and rehabilitation. Abdehalim refused to answer questions in 2009 regarding where or how those funds were used.

The Beacon Light complex, built in 1972, predates current city codes and is not eligible for variances to allow habitation because it has been unoccupied. Attempts to sell the complex over the past couple of years have failed. As of the last inspection in 2009, there were 21 items that needed to be addressed on the property, including additional plans, firewalls, sprinkler systems, and individual [electric] meters.

Code Compliance Director Corey Williams has spearheaded the long and complex process of obtaining funds and finding contractors to complete the work. During the May 23 City Council meeting, Williams was recognized for the hard work he invested in this project.

CST Environmental, LP has been chosen as lowest responsible bid for the work.