Friday / Weekend Open Line

Thanks to the Henderson Dispatch for the tip regarding Brett Webb-Mitchell new article at When a gay minister moved to a small Southern town. In the article Brett discussed how the community, particularly Home in Henderson commentators, reacted to the news of him being an openly gay minister taking an intern pastor position at First Presbyterian Church. The article gives examples of right negative comments towards Brett regarding his orientation that were posted here.  However, the comments on the Salon article are just as less flattering of Brett as they were on HiH.  Some Salon commentors continue to preach being gay against the bible.  Some say it was a small town in the south, what did he expect?  Some even challenged Brett’s statement that church membership grew, by researching the church statistics on the denominational website showing a drop in membership during his years, and a rise after he left.  If he was hoping to gather an outpouring of sympathy there I think it was misplaced.

However, I think it would be interesting to ask the community for an update.  Not mentioned in Brett’s article, the referenced incident occurred on HiH in September, 2008.  Nearly 3 years ago.   He chose to write this report just a few days ago, and to reference in the Salon article the HiH negative comments, but did not mention any positive comments.  Given that the old comments are gone, he must have been saving them for quite some time.

Now, I wonder if some of the original commenters, if they remember what they said or see their comments listed in Brett’s new article, have a different opinion today than 3 years ago?  Did he coming here have such a terrible effect on our community as predicted?  Do you feel any differently regarding sexual orientation than before?  Any different regarding having a gay minister taking up pastorship in our town?  Since Brett mentioned it, any different regarding the adult bookstore that was allowed to open?  Has these things corrupted our town as much as prescription drugs, food stamps fraud, gangs and copper thefts?

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