Spring Street in Need of New Sewer Line

Reporter – Leigh Hester

City of Henderson Public Services found during a routine maintenance check that the sewer line along Spring Street between William Street and Garnett street, which handles all of the flow from the Sandy Creek pumping station, has several pressing issues.

The ductile iron pipe beneath the railroad crossing on Spring Street has corroded to the point where failure is likely to occur at any time. Additionally, a manhole near the intersection of Spring St and Garnett St has structural issues, which have required the placement of a steel plate over the existing manhole to protect traffic from a potential cave in.

A second manhole within the intersection of Garnett and Spring Streets contains an already broken sewer line. Both need rehabilitation in order to provide proper maintenance and service to the sewer system.

An estimate on repairs by one local contractor put the repair at approximately $150,000.

Although the City Council refrained from voting to designate funds at this time for the project, they did designate funds to pay for permitting for the work. Additionally, City staff has been directed to open informal bidding procedures on the project