Wednesday Open Line

Troublesome aging water and sewer line repairs in Henderson are expected to cost upwards of $450,00 as reported at the latest city council meeting.  That’s just in two trouble spots.  I wonder how far the O’Brian and Gere guys have come on analyzing the system overall.  Injecting that much money into our local economy will certainly keep some people employed in the area.  Let’s hope the 2% raise in rates this year will cover the expenses.

In other news, a few bills that Governor Perdue vetoed last session have been overridden.  Those bills include changes to unemployment law giving employers extra time to contest a claim, and extending the time the ex-employee must wait to receive benefits by 20 days.  Also overridden is a requirement that a person choosing an abortion must attend counseling session first.  The Governor issued the following statements:

Override of the Veto of S.B. 532
“The leaders of the General Assembly like to portray themselves as business-friendly, yet they have shoved through a bill that will lead to tax increases on employers. It could delay unemployment benefits for people who are entitled to them, and it will likely cost North Carolina millions of dollars that should go to unemployed North Carolinians and their families.”

Override of the Veto of H.B 854
The Republican’s social agenda has, with this bill, invaded a woman’s life as never before – by marching straight into her doctor’s office and dictating the medical advice and treatment she receives. I remain opposed to this legislation.

Not quite overridden, the voter id law was continued to revisit another date.  The governor also issued a statement regarding it of:  Sustained Veto of H.B. 351
“I want to thank the legislators who stood firm in the belief that every North Carolinian has the constitutional right to vote and that the state should not be creating obstacles to stop them.”

Welcome to the Wednesday Open Line!