Friday / Weekend Open Line

I would tell you to go outside and have fun this weekend, but at possible 104 degrees temperature, I’m just not.  If you don’t have ac, take a visit to your local establishments, visit our businesses, restaurants, theater etc to get cool.  Visit your neighborhood pool, or head to the YMCA or Aycock Recreation Center for a pool dip.

Just a few days left, and apparently those in charge are no closer to securing the debt limit question in Washington.  Boehner’s plan on Thursday was not able to muster up enough votes to pass by fellow republicans.  Someone’s got to decide something, what would you do if you were president?  Issue an executive order as some have requested?  Or not do anything and blame it on the house and senate?  Or not do anything and not blame anyone, but let the economy rectify itself by the market fallout.  Do you hope for a resolution, any resolution, at this point?  Or do you hope for default.

Welcome to the hot weekend, maybe the hottest ever, Open Line