Henderson City Council Regular Meeting August 8th 7pm

Henderson City Council Regular Meeting

Monday, 8 August 2011

7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers, 134 Rose Ave., Henderson, NC 27536

Meeting Agenda

Agenda Package

New business to consist of:

a) Consideration of Approval of the following:
1) Resolution 11—70, A Resolution Amending the current Practice of Turning off Water Service for Delinquent Utility Accounts;
2) Ordinance 11—08, An Ordinance Amending Section15.33 of the Henderson City Code Establishing Utility Security Deposits;
3) Ordinance 11—53, An Ordinance Amendment to the Annual FY 11-12 Fees and Charges Schedule – Budget Amendment FY 12 #7. (CAF 11— A—16)

b) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 11—71, Authorizing the Execution of a Utility Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation Relative to a Water Main Relocation in Conjunction with a Bridge Replacement Project and Budget Ordinance 11—48. (CAF 11—97)

c) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 11—74, A Resolution of Intent Pursuant to NCGS 160A-102, Amending the City Charter to Provide for Redistricting of the city Electoral Districts in Accordance with the 2010 Census and Setting a Public Hearing on the Same.
(CAF 11—A—101)

d) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 11—80, Accepting Bennett Perry Home for Museum. (CAF 11—102)

e) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 11—75, Amendments to City Administrative Policy 6.11, Harassment Policy. (CAF 11—103)

f) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 11—52, FY 11-12 Budget Amendment #6, Amending the CIP Sewer Budget for the Newton Dairy Road Pump Station Elimination Project. (CAF 11—108)

g) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 11—77, Authorizing Corporate Resolution Update for First Citizens Bank and Increasing Credit Limit from $7,500 to $15,000. (CAF 11—107)

h) Consideration of Resolution 11—81, Awarding of Bid for Operation Center Repairs and Budget Ordinance 11—54. (CAF 11—109)

Afterwards, reports from:
Mayor/Mayor Pro-Tem
City Manager
City Attorney
City Clerk
Calendar Notes and Schedule Update [See Notebook Tab # 10]
Various Departmental Reports [See Notebook Tab # 11]
Code Compliance Department
b) Henderson-Vance County 911
c) Henderson Fire Department