Tuesday Open Lines

North Carolina has launched the State Employees Career Transition Center, at 313 Chapanoke Road in Raleigh. The center offers career counseling, resume-writing and interviewing skills development and classes that focus on starting your own business or exploring a new career.   “In the past, when a state employee was laid off by one department, they were usually able to find a job in another department,” Coleman says. “But this is a new day in state government, and what worked in the past simply won’t work in these challenging times. We’re tightening our belts and doing more with less.”  You can read the full article here.  Or visit the centers website here. 

For my personal opinion, this is great and all, but my feeling is this is s a waste of resources.  Are they insinuating the current ESC is not capable of handling the same functions?  Is the Center biased towards helping state employees to give them a better chance than regular Joe’s that can only use the ESC resources?  Will the ESC and this center compete to fill the same jobs?

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