Friday / Weekend Open Line

Just 24 hours since Obama left NC, Vice President Biden visited Raleigh also, on Thursday, for a $5,000 per person fundraiser.  Biden spoke to about 60 people at a breakfast fundraiser Thursday morning at the West Raleigh home of John and Kristin Replogle. John Replogle is chief executive of Seventh Generation, a Vermont-based company that makes nontoxic household and personal care products.  You can read the full article here.

Prudence commented yesterday the question of was Obama’s visit a presidential visit, or a campaign visit.  If it was campaign, he can not use tax payer money intended for his Presidential office to campaign.  I will say my opinion, of listening to the speech he gave at NCSU, and also the speech he gave to Congress, the speech at NCSU was basically a re-iteration of his DC speech regarding urging passing of the jobs act.  He said it numerous times at both locations, to “pass this bill”.  Unless he spoke on other issues than what was in the video provided, he did not attempt to ‘campaign’ that I could say directly.  However, since the speech in Raleigh offered no new content, it’s pretty clear to some that the visit was an unspoken campaign visit.  North Carolina has been dubbed a highly volatile swing state, and I don’t think there’s coincidence that both Obama and Biden have visited us this week.

This weekend, Saturday, the old Franklin County Airport (now called Triangle North Executive Airport, is hosting a airshow full of activities.  The event is free, and just on the other side of Louisburg if you aren’t sure where.  You can read more information about it here.

For the funny side of the weekend, I’ll leave you with a video that was unknowingly recorded by two seniors who just got a new notebook and were trying to figure out how to work their new webcam.  They started it recording accidently and spend the next few minutes fooling around, in more ways than one, before figuring out they were recording.  Their granddaughter found the video and did get their permission to upload it for all to enjoy, so please do.

Welcome to the cool weekend open lines!