Wednesday Open Line

Some commentators have talked about an issue in Harnett County regarding a zoning issue for a new landfill.  At their Monday night meeting, the county Board of Adjustment held six hearings and heard 26 hours of testimony on the issue before voting 3-2 Monday night to reject the company’s application for a special-use permit for the landfill.  You can read the whole story here.

The recent attack at J.C. Penny against a Virginia leader has prompted discussion at the city council, and a higher than normal reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved.  Our local Crime Stoppers organization offers $1000 for information on arrests on crimes, however private donors have increased that for this particular case to an now $6,000 reward.  Debra Smiley is a member of the Mecklenburg County school board in Virginia.

Does it take an attack of an elected official and $6,000 for people in Henderson to start a discussion of safety issues around town?  There are numerous such attacks nearly every day.  People have said for years they feel unsafe going around the local Wal-Mart at night.  The Wal-Mart / J.C. Penney area is a chart topper on crime in Henderson, pretty much every day there are numerous shoplifting incidents there.

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