Thursday Open Line

This weekend several new laws will take affect in North Carolina.  Limits on medical malpractice lawsuits, lesser restrictions on ATV helmet use among other things.  Read up on some of the new changes here.

Yesterday, there was mention of Perdue’s comment regarding suspending elections for Congress for 2 years so they can focus on their job and not on campaigning.  Released today is audio from that speech, so we’ll post that here and let you make up your mind if it was said in a joking manner or not.

Food Lion Butcher’s Beef Brand prepackaged 3-pound tubes of ground beef with a 73/27 lean-to-fat ratio have been recalled by the manufacturing plant, stating a possible e.coli infection.  The recalled meat had a best before date of September 12 and the number 245D printed on the package.  Food Lion issued a statement that customers should return the ground beef, with the UPC code 725439922241, to the store for a full refund.

Welcome to the Thursday Open Lines!