Friday / Weekend Open Line

For those residents concerned with Vance County enacting or not enacting county wide zoning, pay attention. This coming Monday’s commissioners meeting will likely host a final vote on the matter. Vote passes, zoning is enacted. There are multiple ways you could participate… #1 you have to show up and sign up to speak before 5:45pm. Then, during the meeting you will have your 3 minutes to speak. You can express your support for zoning, express your disagreement with zoning, and / or you can express that they should move it to a referendum on the next ballots, or agree that the already elected commissioners should vote on it.

The key thing here is it is a possibility Monday will be your last chance to voice concern. Some are saying it’s already a decided done deal. If you want to change that, you have got to show up and make your voice heard. Feel free to comment here, and you guys discuss, as they are read by those that matter. But blog comments can’t be considered in the meeting, and will do no good to argue about it here and not show up at the actual meeting to carry through with that argument.

We have acquired and posted yesterday afternoon the full agenda packet, including the entire proposed zoning ordinance and map. The zoning ordinance document alone is 102 pages. Get it and read it for your weekend assignment. Pretend that you want to do something, then read through the ordinance and see what steps you would need to accomplish to do that on your property, or is what you want to do even allowed on your property?  Pretend that your neighbor wants to do something you don’t care for, are the protections in place in the ordinance to satisfy you?

Then come to the meeting Monday early. Sign up before 5:45pm to speak and at least have your say. If you don’t sign up you can’t speak.

You may download the agenda documents and zoning ordinance proposal here.

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Welcome to the weekend open lines!