Michael Bobbitt: Consideration of Zoning

To the Vance County Commissioners

The first appointment of seven at Monday’s Board of Commissions meeting is the proposed zoning ordinance.

To some in the community zoning is the great panacea of prosperity, well educated children, and manicured yards.  To some in the community zoning is government incursion onto individual property rights and the ruination of a free civil society.

We are poised on a historical moment in time not seen since one political group gerrymandered the formation of our County to control another political group 130 years ago.  Regardless of your individual personal opinion and potential personal reward with the passage or rejection of this zoning ordinance the consequences of this Board will impact your grand children and great grand children.  Just as the decision makers 130 years ago impacted the power and wealth of the grand children and great grand children when using their political power to gerrymander the creation of our county.

I am asking that the Commissioners allow the county property owners to speak about zoning at the ballot box.  The county property owners are the ones zoning will impact; they should be the ones who collectively through their individual vote approve or decline this zoning ordinance.

The establishment of a zoning ordinance is a governing decision not a management or policy decision.  Each commissioner represents the people in one of seven voting districts each district with its own individual issues.  For 87 of this county’s 130 years the majority for who the county was gerrymandered where disenfranchised unable to speak at the ballot box on governing decision.  Allowing the property owners to speak through their vote will empower the decision to zone or not zone the county.

A fundamental principle of our Nation is that the people will decide governing decisions.  That is why our Nation’s and State’s Constitution allows amendments.  Zoning the county 130 years after its creation is unlike your vote to redistrict the voters or the sale of surplus car.  One is a governing issue and one is a management decision.  Zoning is a governing decision and should by all reason be made by the governed and not their localized representatives.

Michael Bobbitt