Monday Open Lines

We welcome back everyone from vacation, friends and family, shopping, relaxing, driving, flying, whatever you did this entrance to the holiday season.  I know it’s a bit late for this, but I wanted to share this video of the president pardoning this years turkey:


This weeks Weekly Address:

And finally, this weekend, the White House also recieved it’s Christmas Tree.  First Lady Michelle Obama received the official White House Christmas tree on Friday. The tree, a 19-foot balsam fir, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and will be displayed in the Blue Room of the White House. It will be decorated in honor of military families.  

This year’s tree came from Schroeder’s Forevergreens in Wisconsin, a member of the National Christmas Tree Association, and one of about 800 Christmas tree farms and lots around the country that donates free, full-grown trees to military families as part of the Trees for Troops program. This year, Trees for Troops hopes to deliver its 100,000th tree.

We’d like to hear your experience this weekend, did you check out some of your local merchants in Henderson for your holiday shopping deals?  Or did you find it more adventuresome to head out of town?

We’ll be running a promotion this week, I’ll release details as soon as I can confirm Monday morning, but the everyone who makes a comment on our website, on any article, from now until Wednesday November 30th, 2011 at 12:00pm (Noon) will automatically be entered.  You’ll be notified here and in your signup email on the prize pickup details.

A HiH reader has asked us a question that we haven’t seen any official media releases, nor seen discussed here as of yet, so I’ll open the lines with this.  Apparently a recent issue occurred with the Southern Vance High School football game in Johnston County.  Does anyone know any deatils?

Welcome to the Monday Open Lines!