Thursday Open Lines

Henderson made state news with this article on WRAL about the death of Quentin Yarborough, whose body was found in a field off Old County Home Road.

Quentin Yarborough was schizophrenic, according to his parents, and the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons issued a Silver Alert on him six days after his disappearance.

The Vance County Sheriff’s Office is treating the case as an unexplained death, noting that the medical examiner couldn’t determine a cause of death and investigators have found no evidence to suspect foul play.

Authorities said the case remains under investigation, and the Yarboroughs said they are trying to move forward as they wait for answers.  (read more)

It’s the year end, just about.  So I’ve decided to have one of those trendy top 10 countdown things.  Our top stories for 2011.  Now, the trick here is that I do not have stats of the stories from before Dataforge purchased the site.  That rules out January 1st until April 10th stories.  So we’ll just have to go from our official start date of April 11, 2011 until the December 28th and see which pages were viewed the most.

I will exclude the pages that are not specific stories or articles.  For instance our links page, which is the 3rd most visited page at over 5,000 views, or categories such as the crime category which is our 2nd most visited page and has over 15,000 views, or our home page, which is our #1 page by far with 139,000 views.

I will list the 10 most viewed articles in order from the least viewed being #10 and the most viewed being #1.  I will list number 10 – 6 today, and 5 – 1 tomorrow.

#10 – /2011/08/25/friday-weekend-open-line-19/

#9 – /2011/10/20/5-youths-charged-in-recent-breaking-and-enterings/

#8 – /2011/06/07/tuesday-open-line-9/

#7 – /2011/08/21/shoplifters-of-the-week-2/

#6 – /2011/07/29/assistance-requested-in-identifying-photos/

What do you think are the most important stories in Vance County this year?  My top 10 list shows the most ‘viewed’ stories, but that doesn’t mean they are the most important.

Welcome to the Open Lines!