Home in Henderson Celebrates 1 Year of New Site (And This is The Contest Article! Comment Here to Enter!!!)

On this day last year, April 11th, 2011, Home in Henderson re-opened to the public after a brief suspension while the previous owner arranged the transfer of passage to myself.  If you want to go back and re-read some of our history, or if you are relatively new here and would like to check out the transition, check this link for our first few posts around that time.


At the bottom of the list you can click on Newer Posts to see more.

Three posts of interest you may want to check are:

The previous owner (Jason) farewell letter

My introduction letter

My WIZS Town Talk Interview

We did a lot of work during the downtime to revamp the website, introducing a new registration, custom verified account system, and like and dislike comment features.  I’m fairly proud to say that we really haven’t had to change that much since our launch in terms of functionality.  The website was completely down for over about a week and a half during the transition, and we got a lot of complaints about that, but I needed to ensure that the systems we wanted working were doing so.

So, fast forward 1 year.  And here starts our Anniversary Contest.

I need your feedback on our site, so our contest rules this time are:  Comment on THIS article.  All who make a comment on THIS article only will be entered to win, entrances start as soon as you see this article posted, and will end Friday, April 13th at 10:00am. 

We will have 6 winners this contest.

What we’re giving away:  3 different $20.00 gift certificates to local restaurants.  George’s, Pino’s, and one more… Ok so I don’t have the third one yet, but I hope to get one from Wimpys.  If not I’ll get another.  Each of the three winners can pick which one they’d like, so claim your favorite location before the others!

3 different PC video games.  Dataforge has a stock of about 20 video games currently, each of the three winners can choose whichever game they like out of our stock.  Each game is valued at $10.00

What are you going to comment about?  We’re looking for feedback on Home in Henderson.   Write what you want, but here’s some examples of things I’d like to hear:

How have we been doing?  Although some were skeptical at first, what do you think of the changes we made (requiring accounts for instance).

What do you think we should be doing?

What, if anything, should the ‘leaders’ be doing regarding our site? (Ignoring it, complaining about it, actively engaging the community here?)  And how would they do so?

What content would you like to see here that you aren’t currently seeing here?

How can we get more people to submit articles?

How can we get more people to make comments?

How do we compare to the ‘competition’?

What have you heard on the streets about our website?

Please write anything you think would be helpful, again I’ve only given examples above.  Contest entrees will not be judged based on the comment content, just that you made a comment.  Use this chance to complain about the site as well, what don’t you like?

And now it’s my turn to say something to all of you.  Thank You.  You may think that this is a thankless job because you don’t see that in the comments, but you have no idea how many people come to me and thank me for what we do here.  I’ve run community sites for a long time, and just having the thanks given to me and seeing people use the service that we’ve created is all I’m really after.

Now, get to entering!