Attorney General Roy Cooper Alert: Watch Out For Banned Driveway Paver

Tommy Edward Clack

Tommy Edward Clack, a driveway paver with a long history of scamming consumers in North Carolina and other states, has recently been reported paving driveways for older homeowners in Hope Mills, Zebulon, Greensboro and Nashville, NC. 

According to reports from consumers, Clack is doing business as Ed Clark, Tommy Clark, Ed Crabtree and Crabtree Paving.  He tells homeowners that he has been doing paving jobs in their neighborhood, has paving materials left over, and can pave or repave their driveway for a discounted price.   If the homeowner agrees, he and his crew quickly lay asphalt and then demand a high price.  

Our office has long fought to stop Clack from ripping off consumers.  In June 2010, we won a court order permanently banning Clack from offering or providing driveway paving services in North Carolina.   Unfortunately, he continues to violate that order and has twice been cited for contempt of court.  Just last month, Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway cited Clack for criminal contempt and entered an order for his arrest.  Clack also faces criminal charges in other states for similar schemes.

A photo of Clack appears here.  If you encounter Mr. Clack offering driveway paving services in North Carolina or trying to cash homeowners’ checks, please contact local law enforcement as well as our Consumer Protection Division at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM (919-716-6000).