Michael Bobbitt: Notes From The Peanut Gallery (June 20, 2012)

I attended the June 20th, 2012 meeting of the City’s Boards and Commissioners meeting.  My dyslexia caused me to read the notice as a meeting of the county commissioners and city council.  I am glad I did and glad to have attended. 

This was a committee meeting to review applications and resignations to City boards and commissioners.  Mayor O’Geary, Council persons Deake, Kearney, & Peace-Jenkins are the committee members.  Ms. McCrackin, the City Clerk, was also in attendance.  Although the meeting was open to the public the public rejected the opportunity to attend.

The purpose of this committee meeting was to review and approve or reject submitted applications to boards and commissions of the city.  The committee members were open and forthright as they discussed the character of the various applicants for renewal or a new applications.  If interested there are several (eleven by my count) unfilled openings for boards and commissions.  Check out the City’s web-site for details. 

Most surprising to me was the total lack of interest shown by the citizens of the city in the Clean-up Henderson Committee.  Especially since trash in the roadways of the city is a frequent topic of disgust on HiH.  In rapid fire I heard the council persons say this about the Clean-up Henderson Committee:  

  • Not a committee that is doing much.
  • What is the purpose of this committee? 
  • Should the council do something to inspire this committee?
  • Should somebody do a ride around to see who or what needs to be done?
  • We need to do something.  This committee is not effective.
  • Was the Clean up Henderson started by the council?  Yes, the mayor said.
  • Do we need to talk to code enforcement?

To all those on HiH grousing about the litter and trash along the roadways in the city here is your opportunity to take action.  Using the PDF form apply to the Clean-up Henderson Committee.  If you are accepted, then your challenge will be to take the action you are expecting others to take for you.

Included here is information about the committees available, and an application form to join.  Applicants must reside inside City Limits.  City of Henderson Board and Comissions Info and Application