Colorado Wild Fires Live Streams

A reader sent us some information on the Colorado wild fire situation.  If you are interested in whats going on, or have friends and or family in the area, please check out these links:

Live tv feed from a Colorado Springs tv station.  Runs 24 hours no commercials.  If you have nothing except time this will give you the most information over time.
Link to cams atop of Pikes Peak.  Views change every five minutes.  
Link to US Forest Services map of fire of the Waldon Canyon Fire.  There are 134 forest fires being monitored by the US Forest Service.  
A blog site from a Denver tv station. Denver is 60 miles north of the fire.  Saw this and it triggered my interest in sharing the above links for anyone interested in the fire there.
Some 33,000 people out of their houses this morning.  And they are evacuating more towns, at least that is what I hear.