Post July 4th Contest, $20 Gift Card to Ichibar Up For Grabs – Update – Deception You’ve Won, But You’ve Got To Contact Us!

Hadn’t thought to do this in a while, so let’s get going on it!  Make a comment on any article from NOW (Thursday, July 5th 1:45pm) until Monday, July 9th morning at 9:00am EST and you’ll be entered to win our contest.  It doesn’t matter how many comments you make, 1 or 100, you’ll be entered once so everyone has a fair shot.  Well, you can’t make 0 comments and still be entered.

We’ll draw the winners Monday morning July 9th and announce the results afterwards.  The winner will be notified on our site, and in their email address they signed up with.  The winner will receive a secret password that must be used to pick up the gift card, that way the winner can designate anyone to come in and pick it up for them.

Update, As noted in the comments below, we drew and Deception won, but we’ve been unable to send instructions on how to retrieve the card to their email address as it seems the account is closed.   Deception, perhaps you only check HiH on the weekends so we’ll give you until Monday, July 16 to contact us, or put in the comments that you will arrange for pick up.  If you’d like to not get the card you can say that as well, others have given up their prizes because they won before, or were not able to come pick it up.  Otherwise, if we don’t hear from you we’ll have to give it away to another entrant.