Thanks To Deception, We’re Giving Away $20 Gift Card To Ichibar to Someone Special

Deception has offered for myself to find a needy recipient of his contest prize from last week, a $20 gift card to Ichibar.  Of course I know many needy individuals and organizations that could use it, but I don’t want the challenge of picking only one to give.

So, here’s what we’ll do.  Starting right now, until Thursday, July 19th at 9:00am, you guys will vote on who / what gets the prize.

In THIS THREAD, create a comment and put a single persons name, or an organization, business, non profit, whatever.  No discussion about it in the same comment, just a single line  of “Joe Blow” or “Great Organization”.

You, and everyone else, go through the thread and click the “Like” button on other entries you think should get the card.  You’re voting on which one will win the card, the entrant at the end of our contest deadline with the most likes we will contact and offer the card to.

If you’d like to use the comments to discuss entries, you can do so as well, but they will not be counted as entries themselves. So if you want to nominate someone and discuss it, put a comment with that just that name, then make another comment with any discussion regarding it.

Dislikes will not count, only likes.