Henderson Police Department Asks To Keep Streets Clean

The Henderson Police Department would like to remind citizens that part of making our City an attractive and safe place to live and work includes preventing littering on both public and private property.

NC General Statue 14-399 defines littering and makes it a misdemeanor crime to litter. Litter including hazardous materials can be prosecuted as a felony. Currently the cost of a NC General Citation for littering is $180.00 for Cost of Court and a fine of $250.00 making it punishable up to $430.00.

The City of Henderson Code Section 16-8 also prohibits litter on City streets. A citation for a violation of the City Ordinance is punishable in court by a Cost of Court of $180 and a fine of $50.00 for a total of $230.00.

Making a decision to ensure that trash and other litter are disposed of properly can save citizen money in the long run by avoiding being cited for littering as a crime. The Henderson Police Department asks the public’s help in keeping our City’s streets clean.