Home in Henderson Milestone

For the month of August 2012, Home in Henderson had the most unique visitors of the year, at just shy of 6,000 unique visitors.  The exact number was 5,983 from August 1st to August 31st.   It was the 2nd most unique visitors month since Dataforge took the site over.  The 1st most ‘active’ month was August of 2011 with 6,352 unique visitors.  That was mostly due to the article we had about the earthquake in Henderson that was picked up all over the country.  So I’m sorta not counting that and would say that August of 2012 is our most uniquely viewed month ever by normal means. Although we did not break the 6k mark for the month, the exact period of August 2nd 2012 to September 2nd 2012 did with 6,011 unique visitors for that month period!

So, anyway, thanks guys.  Keep on reading, I know you’re out there even if you don’t like to comment.  Believe me, the comments continue off this site into the ‘real world’ as well, I hear it about every day.  Keep spreading the word, and please spread the word for groups, events, etc to send us news and event information.  And great discussions here recently by the way.  I just ask that you all agree to disagree and no personal attacks or just name calling ‘idiot’ or what not.  If you got something to say, back it up and be respectful in your wordings.

Sneak Peak… we’ll be having a contest soon… waiting on a package to arrive in the mail but I’ve already secured something cool.  Any guess as to what we’ll be giving away soon? Hm, maybe it’s too early.. It might have to wait a few weeks.  But you can start guessing!  Note, guesses don’t count as pre-entries!