Richard Brand: Who Is in Favor of Voting?

The right to vote.  Democracy has been the great ideal of the United States. It is the right to vote that has been a signature virtue of this country. The idea that government will be selected by the citizens by private vote has been the keystone to this country from its creation.  The great march of democracy in this country has been to expand the right to vote.  The struggle to give women the vote. The struggle to give blacks the vote. The struggle to remove all kinds of tests and qualifiers for the right to vote. The Supreme Court’s ruling of one person one vote.  The push has been to get more and more people the right to vote. The efforts of all government levels has been in the past to make voting easier so that more and more people will vote.  The great concern has been that so often the turn out for elections is disappointing.  We need to encourage all of our citizens to exercise their right to vote.

The United States has always considered that one of its greatest exports is the idea of democracy and the right to vote. We are currently in two military actions in efforts to build nations that give their citizens the right to vote.  We have rejoiced and support the “Arab Spring” when the Middle East has risen up and demanded the right to vote for their governments and to remove dictators.  

So it has to tell you something about the ideas about government, about the philosophy of leadership that the Republican Party has been engaged for the last four years in a serious effort to limit, to restrict, to prevent people from voting.  There have been across the country efforts to reduce the number of days of early voting. There have been a number of efforts to create unnecessary restrictions on voters by requiring new voter identification requirements. Voters already have to give identification to register. The aggressive effort to purge the rolls of voters in various states.  The Republican leadership across this country and in the state of North Carolina have been working hard to suppress the right to vote.  For some reason they do not trust the democratic process. They do not apparently believe that all citizens should be able to vote and to choose their elected officials.  Once again they seem to believe that government is best when selected by only a few people they approve of.

The pretense of this suppression of the vote is that they value voting so much that they want to prevent voter fraud. The trouble is the current system of Boards of Election and Poll workers is working so well, especially in North Carolina and Vance County, that the incidents of voter fraud are almost none existent.  It is hard to prevent voter fraud when it is not happening. It is an effort by the Republican party to eliminate from voting a whole number of people so that “only the chosen” will be eligible to vote.

It is more evidence of the elitism of the Republican party that thinks only certain people ought to be allowed to participate in the election process. By reducing the number of people they do not agree with they hope to win the election.

So do you want to support a party that wants to include everybody, works to increase the early voting, wants to get more people involved in the election process, or to have a party