Garnes and Toney Funeral Home Breaking and Entering

Members of the Henderson Police Department Criminal Investigations Division are currently investigating a breaking and entering that occurred at Garnes and Toney Funeral Home, 806 E. Andrews Ave, Henderson on October 16, 2012. During the breaking and entering, embalming fluid and an embalming machine were stolen. It is known that some users smoke cigarettes or marijuana dipped in embalming fluid. This use provides the user a hallucinating effect similar to PCP. There is no indication at this time that the theft was intended for this purpose.

The Henderson Police Department encourages anyone that may know where any of the embalming fluid is located or has any information related to the theft to contact the Henderson Police Department at 252-438-4141. Callers may also call Detective Simmons at 252-430-4234 or Crime Stoppers at 252-492-1925. Callers can remain anonymous. Crime Stoppers offers a reward up to $2000.00 for information that leads to an arrest.

The following link may provide further information related to the use of embalming fluid.