2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Walk and Candlelight Vigil Pictures

Wednesday, October 24th, Henderson was home to activities celebrating National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. From the White House website:

For far too long, domestic violence was ignored or treated as a private matter where victims were left to suffer in silence without hope of intervention. As we mark the 18th anniversary of the landmark Violence Against Women Act, authored by Vice President Joe Biden, we reflect on how far we have come. We have made significant progress in changing laws and attitudes, providing support to survivors, and reducing the incidence of domestic violence. But we also know that we have not come far enough, and that there is more work left to be done. During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we stand with all those who have been affected by this terrible crime, recognize the individuals and groups who have stepped forward to break the cycle of violence, and recommit to putting an end to domestic violence in America.

Beginning at 5:30pm Wednesday, participants walked Downtown Henderson, NC and rallied at the Vance County Courthouse for a candlelight vigil.  Numerous speakers were present:

Welcome–  Tommy Hester,  Vice-Chairman of Vance County  Board of Commissioners
–  Reverend William Ragland
–  Mayor James D. “Pete” O’Geary
Statistical Data
–  Lt. Irvin Robinson, Henderson Police Department
Commitment and Balloon Release
–  Ayana Lewis, Manager of Heart’s Haven
Reading  of Poem-
Sarah Booth (Poem by Carolyn Estes)
Reading of Poem
– Carolyn Estes
Survivor Testimony-
Carolyn Estes
Words of Inspiration
: Attorney Nathan Baskerville
Message of Hope
–  The Honorable Judge Carolyn J. Yancey
Lighting of the Candles
– Ginealla Hart-Wagner, Founder of Heart’s Haven
Sherri Alston, Vance County Social Services and Connie Ragland, Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce
Moment of Silence-
Ginealla Hart-Wagner
Closing Prayer-
  Reverend William Ragland

 The event was sponsored by Vance County Department of Social Services, Heart’s Haven, Henderson Police Department, and Infinite Possibilities, Inc.

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