VGCC encourages adults to finish GED before tests expire

Vance-Granville Community College’s Adult Basic Skills department is sending a message to students who have started but not completed the five-part GED test: “Make a New Year’s Resolution to complete your GED in 2013.”  There is a sense of urgency because the current version of the GED, known as the 2002 Series GED Test, will expire at the end of the year. The national GED Testing Service will replace that series with a new version on Jan. 2, 2014. That means that adults who have taken at least one part of the GED test, but not passed all five content areas, have until the end of 2013 to pass or they will need to start over again in 2014 with the new GED test in order to receive their high school equivalency credential.

“Completing the GED test opens doors to college, better jobs, the respect adults deserve, and the satisfaction of earning a high school credential,” said VGCC Director of Adult Basic Skills Cathy Barham. “So we want to be sure that everyone is aware of this deadline. GED test-takers must act now to finish and pass before the current test expires. Don’t miss this chance to turn one small step into your next big opportunity!”

Barham said that in order to help all students be successful, VGCC will be scheduling additional evening classes for students who need extra assistance preparing for one or more of the content areas, which include writing, reading, social studies, science, and math. VGCC provides free GED classes at all four college campuses — the Main Campus in Vance County, the South Campus between Butner and Creedmoor, the Franklin County Campus near Louisburg and the Warren County Campus in Warrenton — and at several other community sites.

For more information, contact VGCC Adult Basic Skills at (252) 738-3315 or