Congresswoman Renee Ellmers: A New Beginning in the 113th Congress

Last week I was sworn in for my second term in the 113th Congress. I am excited to be serving as a new member on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee and Subcommittees on Health, Oversight and Investigations, and Communications and Technology.

In this newsletter, you will find information about the bill the House voted on this week to avoid the Fiscal Cliff and the reasons I was not able to support it. 

Also in this newsletter is information about my new district office in Asheboro that was added to accomodate the needs of constituents in the western part of the Second District under the new district map.

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Thank you for allowing me to serve you in the 113th Congress.

The 113th Congress

I am honored to continue representing the second district of North Carolina in the 113th Congress and am humbled by the faith the constituents have placed in me. Our nation is facing many serious problems that threaten our economy and individual liberties. I am confident that we will continue to work together and bring real solutions to these important issues over the next two years for the sake of our families, our nation, and its future prosperity.

The Fiscal Cliff Deal Did Nothing to Address Spending

This week, the House of Representatives passed a bill to avert the Fiscal Cliff- putting off major decisions to reign-in Washington’s uncontrolled spending. I voted against the Senate’s compromise bill due to its dramatic increase in taxes and failure to address the bloated spending, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will increase the deficit by nearly $4 Trillion over the next 10 years.

This was supposed to be a deficit reduction bill, not a deficit increase that adds trillions to our deficit while increasing taxes. I could not support a measure that adds trillions to our deficits while increasing taxes by $41 for every $1 in spending cuts. Additionally, this deal continues to give tax advantages to big businesses while small businesses – the real lifeblood of our economy – are left to shoulder the burden and pay the bills.

We must get serious about addressing the true driver of the fiscal mess that our nation is in. Our out-of-control spending does nothing to help American families and only exacerbates the problems facing our country. I look forward to working with my colleagues to address the real sources of this crisis and continuing the fight against government waste in the 113th Congress.

New District Office Opens in Asheboro

For the convenience of constituents in the newly added western part of NC’s Second District, I now have an office at 222 Sunset Avenue, Suite 101, Asheboro, NC 27203. You can find additional information for my Washington and district offices on this page of my website.