State Public School Superintendent June Atkinson Applauds New Career Technical Education Law Signed Today

State Superintendent June Atkinson today praised the General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory for the new Career Technical Education law, which the Governor signed today. Her complete statement is below:

“This new law adds value to the hard work of students who choose to focus their high school studies in a technical field. These students often go above and beyond the current high school graduation requirements in order to prepare for a technical career.

“The new law, by providing diploma endorsements, gives students options and an incentive to pursue more than one track to graduation, as they can focus on preparing for a career in a technical field as well as college.  In retrospect, as a high school student, I completed the requirements for a career technical field and the college preparation curriculum, so I know first hand that the combination served me well during my career. Research shows that the combination of college prep and career technical education has served many students’ career goals.

“I am pleased that this legislation will encourage more students to move forward after high school graduation to enter the workforce or to continue their studies in a technical field at the community college level.”