Film crews gear up for productions across the state

Film crews are gearing up across the state for a number of productions even as the NBC series Revolution resumed filming in Wilmington and surrounding communities.

Crews are gearing up for CBS’ Under the Dome, a miniseries based on Stephen King’s best-selling 2009 book that’s expected to begin filming in early March in the Wilmington area. The drama will follow the inhabitants of a small New England town, who wake up one day to find themselves shut off from the world under a mysterious transparent dome.

Film crews were in Gastonia last week for a movie that could hit theaters by Thanksgiving. Filming for An Evergreen Christmas started earlier this month, using Gaston, Lincoln and Mecklenburg counties as its backdrop. The movie tells the story of a country girl, Evergreen “Evie” Lee who left the farm for city life but returns home for a funeral and finds the family homestead in jeopardy of foreclosure.

The Remaining began filming this week in Southeastern North Carolina. The independent film follows a group of friends as they scramble to survive a Rapture-like phenomena.

The N.C. Film Office has been working with several projects, including these, to assist them with their filming needs while in North Carolina while also aiding them to better understand the 25 percent film incentive offered by the state, a major contributing factor for most productions in deciding to shoot in North Carolina. The Film Office expects at least five more productions to open offices in North Carolina within the next two months.