Statement by NC Schools State Superintendent June Atkinson Regarding House Bill 452 – 2013 School Safety Act

“I commend lawmakers for drafting House Bill 452 to make sure North Carolina’s schools remain safe places for teaching and learning.  This legislation represents a comprehensive approach to keeping our educators and students safe by focusing on effective strategies such as increasing the number of school resources officers, school counselors, psychologists and social workers in our public schools. The bill also provides for panic alarms, safety kits and other critical tools to support schools in preparedness planning and help law enforcement better protect our classrooms.

House Bill 452 includes strategies that will not only address the root causes of potential school violence, but also meet some of the current safety needs in our public schools. There is nothing more important than keeping children safe, and I am grateful to our lawmakers for crafting a research-based piece of legislation that will help us work together to accomplish this goal.”