2013 Clergy Day at the NC General Assembly & Wainwright Prayer Breakfast

On behalf of the NC Legislative Black Caucus, we would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday, April 16 beginning at 10am in Room 1228 of the State Building, 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh NC for our 2nd Annual Clergy Day at the General Assembly. We will kick-off the Clergy Day at the General Assembly with the Wainwright Prayer Breakfast at 8am at First Baptist Church, at 101 Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC. Please see RSVP information below.

There is a lot of legislation being generated around issues that adversely affect the lives of our Clergy and their congregations. We, the Caucus want to ensure you are aware and ask that you pray for a successful outcome.

The NCLBC would like to also take this moment to thank you for your spiritual leadership in our communities. Clergy Day is a great opportunity to meet legislators that serve you and your congregation. We realize that many of your members would like to visit their legislators and the General Assembly but are not able to do so due to their work schedules. We hope that you or a representative will be able to attend. We want you to take this opportunity to ask questions and gain additional information to disseminate to your respective congregations.  We enjoyed your presence last year and hope you can make it again this year.

We know that your presence will be a blessing to us who serve the people in your respective districts.

Please RSVP by Friday, April 12 to nclbc@ncleg.net or 919-715-5723 for the Wainwright Breakfast as well as Clergy Day at the General Assembly. Registration for Clergy Day at the General Assembly will be from 9:45-10:15am in Room 1228 of the State Legislative Building.

Representative William Wainwright was a respected member of the North Carolina House of Representatives for eleven terms. Rep. Wainwright lived a life dedicated to faith and public service. 


Thank you,

Representative Garland E. Pierce, Chair

NC Legislative Black Caucus

Senator Angela R. Bryant, Secretary