Senator Angela Bryant: Oppose House Bill 451 Election Omnibus

What is House Bill 451?  A bill filed by House Republicans that may make it harder for citizens to participate in elections.


How will House Bill 451 make it harder to vote elections?

·                                 Shortens early voting by a week

·                                 Eliminate early voting on Sundays

·                                 Eliminate same day registration

·                                 Restore partisan judicial elections

·                                 Eliminate straight-ticket voting

·                                 Change the order of the ballot  to benefit Republicans

·                                 On a clear partisan note, HB 451 makes it easier to obtain an absentee ballot which traditionally benefits Republicans.

What can you do? The bill has not been heard in the House Elections Committee, but there’s still something you can do. Call the Republicans below and voice your opposition to this bill.

Rep. Starnes: 919-733-5931
Rep. Brawley: 919-733-5741
Rep. Whitmore: 919-715-4466
Rep. Blust: 919-733-5781
Rep. Brody: 919-715-3029


Click Here to Read HB451