Peggy Satterwhite: Ag-Gag Bill

Senate Bill 648 would prevent the exposure of egregious and systematic animal cruelty in large-scale industrial agriculture operation that has led to serious concerns about animal welfare and the safety of the animal products that the public consumes, as documented in undercover investigations at Butterball farms in North Carolina.

The Butterball investigations in 2011 and 2012 uncovered deplorable living conditions, animals with open wounds covered by flies, eye sockets filled with maggots, employees violently kicking animals and hurling them into tiny transport crates. 

SB 648 seeks to criminalize anyone who documents illegal and unethical practices at these industrial operations.

Farms operating ethically and legally should have nothing to hide. Only industrial agriculture producers harboring illegal and ethical activity should want to shut out the public. It is in the best interest of North Carolinians to prevent SB 648 from passing.

Peggy Satterwhite
Vance County SPCA

A link to the proposed bill text is here