Homeland renewed for fourth season

Showtime announced on Tuesday (yesterday) that it has renewed its award-winning, N.C.-filmed series Homeland for a fourth season. Production on the third season, which is currently airing on Showtime Sundays at 10 p.m., has just recently completed; production on the fourth season is expected to begin in spring 2014.

Primarily filmed in the Charlotte Region, the production has had an estimated direct in-state spend in excess of $90 million while providing more than 6,000 job opportunities in the state, including an annual crew of 150 highly skilled film professionals during its first three seasons. The series, which was highly recruited by the N.C. Film Office, has credited North Carolina’s 25 percent refundable tax credit for film productions as being a major reason for choosing to film in the state along with North Carolina’s well established infrastructure and crew base and the state’s ability to portray suburban Washington, D.C.