American Red Cross Seeking New Platelets Donors

The American Red Cross is looking for new platelets donors. The life span of platelets is 5 days and they are used to help patients here in the triangle with cancer and leukemia.  The process takes about 2.5 hours and movies are available to entertain you while saving a life! The center is located at 4737 University Drive  in Durham and is open 6 days a week.  For more information please contact Marci Allen, platelet recruiter for the American Red Cross at or call her at 919 -452-2043

Center Hours

Mon.                     11:30-5:00

Tues.                     8-1:30

Wed.                     7:30-1:00

Thurs .                   closed

Fri.                          7:30-1:00

Sat.                        7:00-1:00

Sun.                       7:00-1:00

During a platelet donation your blood is collected by a cell-separating machine which removes your platelets and returns the rest of your blood components to you. When you donate platelets through apheresis you will be able to provide in one donation what would normally be collected from up to five whole blood donations. Platelets are essential in the treatment of cancer patients and people with certain blood diseases.

Read more on their brochure here:  2012Platelet FAQs-1