Films, TV productions in N.C. generated $254M in 2013, created 25K job opportunities

Popular television productions fueled one of the strongest years experienced by the film industry in North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory announced Tuesday (yesterday). More than 60 productions registered with the N.C. Film Office and filmed in North Carolina in 2013. Those productions amassed a record-high of more than 5,700 production days with filming taking place in more than 30 of the state’s 100 counties.

“In addition to our state’s beauty, we’ve developed the workforce and artists that make North Carolina an ideal place to produce quality projects efficiently,” said Gov. McCrory.

Year-end projections show television and film productions had a direct in-state spend in excess of $254 million and created more than 4,000 well-paying crew positions for the state’s highly skilled workforce. These productions created nearly 25,000 job opportunities (full time equivalent and temporary jobs), including talent and background extra positions, for North Carolinians. These numbers are the second highest in the industry’s history for in-state spending by productions as well as total job opportunities created.

Television series headlined production in North Carolina in 2013. Five major series – the summer’s top show Under The Dome, this fall’s breakout series Sleepy Hollow, the second season of Cinemax’s top serie Banshee, the third season of the award-winning Showtime series Homeland, and the final season of HBO’s Eastbound and Down – all filmed in the state.