Battleship North Carolina receives $500,000 for engineering and permitting

Governor Pat McCrory announced last week that $500,000 from the Office of State Budget and Management’s Repair and Renovation Contingency Reserve has been allocated to the Battleship North Carolina, the state’s World War II memorial in Wilmington, to repair its hull. “Our administration values the wealth of North Carolina history that hinges upon the upkeep and support of the Battleship North Carolina,” said Gov. McCrory. “We are committed to supporting thorough and efficient repairs of this storied ship.” This funding will also make possible a geotechnical investigation and diagnostic boring approximately 50-75 feet below the battleship’s surface level. Findings from the research will predicate the structure of a proposed cofferdam that will allow the battleship’s hull to be repaired on site. Repairs are imperative to continue the legacy of the Battleship North Carolina. Funding allows for proactive work to establish a necessary strategy of repairing and maintaining the rich historic asset that resides in Wilmington.