VGCC names 346 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 159 students earned President’s List and 187 students earned Dean’s List academic honors for the fall 2014 semester.


This is the first semester that VGCC has published a President’s List, which recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher courses leading to a diploma or degree.


To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.


Fall Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Elena A. Caballero Martine of Creedmoor;

Bobby R. Faulkner, Sr., and Selene Govea Rostro, both of Oxford;

Lanasia M. Williams of Warrenton.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Lisa A. Lucht of Raleigh.


Associate in Arts:

Taylor A. Queen and Isabelle L. Snyder, both of Butner;

Michelle L. Beckum of Creedmoor;

Stacy L. Weiss of Franklinton;

Paul Caroline of Garner;

Charles J. Fuller, Colton B. Hayes and Brittany M. Williams, all of Henderson;

Elizabeth M. Caulfield and Adam C. Storey, both of Louisburg;

Leah F. Williams of Macon;

Darian L. Boyd, Lydia A. Hendrick and Morgan G. McFalls, all of Oxford;

Karly R. Blue of Stem.


Associate in General Education – General Science:

Bruce W. McGavran of Creedmoor;

Heather J. Floyd of Franklinton;

Adam J. Gray of Kittrell;

Lane D. Phipps of Oxford.


Associate in Science:

Karla A. Garcia Cervantes of Butner;

Reba J. Prince of Creedmoor;

Andrew P. Boyle of Franklinton;

Ligaya Carissa S. Aguas of Henderson;

Elizabeth D. Cole of Kittrell;

Keyona D. Bullock, Alexander T. Cockman and Ashley N. Garcia, all of Louisburg;

Geoffrey Arnott and Alisha D. Murray, both of Oxford;

Abigail G. Hey of Stem;

Haley M. Coffey of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Donald W. Tilley of Creedmoor;

Chandler E. Owen of Henderson;

Robert L. Mallory of Oxford;

Connor B. McCauley of Raleigh;

Bradley T. Cockram of Youngsville.


Business Administration:

Billy W. Hollowell of Butner;

Andrew J. Cagney and Dianna L. Deweese, both of Creedmoor;

Angela M. Garrett and Amber L. Williamson, both of Durham;

Cassie J. Harris and Autumn M. Woodard, both of Henderson;

Sheila M. Alston, Leaanne K. Hahnel and Allison M. Leonard, all of Louisburg;

April F. Brogden, Shannon M. Hester, Temeka G. Marable, Broguen McKeown and Tyler R. Woodside, all of Oxford;

Stephen Fullington of Stem;

Heather A. Henkel of Wake Forest;

Melissa J. Gibb of Warrenton.



Jonathan Calamaco and Josie M. Smith, both of Henderson;

Keith A. Tunstall of Raleigh.


Computer Information Technology:

William P. Newton of Bullock;

Cassandra N. Griffin of Castalia;

Susan B. Burnett of Creedmoor;

Max N. Moore  , John P. Sanford and Hughon F. Topping, all of Henderson;

Sonia M. Bishop of Stem.


Computer Technology Integration:

Andrew Hentze of Henderson;

Charles M. Leonard and Shanta Moss, both of Norlina.


Computer Technology Integration – IT Support Track:

Monica T. Greenwood of Franklinton;

Cody M. Trivette of Oxford.



Eva A. Barnette of Carrboro;

Robin G. Boyd, Jessica A. Brown, Sonja L. Henderson, Lucero Reyes-Alegria and Tracy L. Spain, all of Henderson;

Ashley N. Moore, Shannon A. Nichols and Cassandra C. Stapleton, all of Louisburg;

Darlene G. Hill of Manson;

Seana R. Faltz of Norlina;

Deshana R. Barnett and Jordan N. Lane, both of Oxford;

Brianna T. Clark, Wing Y. Leung and Tammeka S. Williams, all of Wake Forest;

Mary R. Dunleavy and Holly W. Height, both of Zebulon.


Criminal Justice Technology:

James C. Hann of Creedmoor;

William M. Nutt of Henderson;

William K. Furlow and Benjamin B. Layton, both of Kittrell;

Kiara L. Taylor of Littleton;

Hunter D. Meffert and Steven P. Pearce, both of Louisburg;

James H. Williams of Manson;

Adam G. Rooker of Norlina;

Lindsay E. Brown, Teresa K. Eakes, Luis E. Martinez, Allyssabeth R. Trowbridge and Sandra K. Wilkins, all of Oxford;

Daysha M. Dawson of Youngsville.


Culinary Arts:

Angela Moore of Clarksville, Va.;

Jacob A. Deweese, III, of Creedmoor;

Loren M. McCuiston of Franklinton;

Maria M. Williams and Alison L. Yarborough, both of Henderson;

Dustin E. Gregory and Heather B. Stallings, both of Oxford;

Miranda D. Reaves of Wake Forest.


Early Childhood Education:

Amy K. Stockinger of Henderson;

Raven T. Williams of Warrenton.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Bobby J. Watson, Jr., of Henderson.


Electrical Systems Technology:

Dylan W. Breedlove of Creedmoor;

Jarrod E. Stanley of Henderson.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Dustin S. Benedict of Henderson;

Collin C. Byerley of Louisburg.



Anita M. Trippi of Durham.


Global Logistics Technology:

Tony L. Pendergrass of Henderson;

Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis of Norlina.


Human Services Technology:

Wendy L. Fowler of Henderson;

Nikia C. Wortham of Macon.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Brenda E. Watson of Durham;

Abbey M. Garner of Oxford;

Roxanna M. Morales of Rougemont.


Information Systems Security:

Dennis K. Tally of Creedmoor.


Medical Office Administration:

Crystal M. Wilkins and Crystal A. Williams, both of Creedmoor;

Jennifer Cain-Hargrove, Shaun R. Hymon and Lawrence E. Yates, all of Henderson;

Jacquline H. Williams and Victoria Williams, both of Louisburg;

Sara G. Belville, Kelsey M. DeJesus, Donnie P. Long and Tiffany W. Perry, all of Oxford.


Office Administration:

Mary A. Elberson of Henderson;

Ethel Sims of Louisburg.


Paralegal Technology:

Kristy L. Hope of Henderson;

Michelle R. Williams of Raleigh.



Elizabeth R. Twisdale of Henderson.


Simulation and Game Development:

Steven B. Bowling of Creedmoor;

Elizabeth Burroughs of Oxford.


Web Technologies:

Mary Cox of Oxford.


Welding Technology:

Zachery T. Bailey of Bullock;

Brandon T. Brown and Daniel E. Creager, both of Franklinton;

Brian M. Buchanan and Thaddaeus M. Smith, both of Henderson;

Altoires J. Gentry and Michael V. Porter, both of Louisburg;

Steven A. Harris of Norlina;

Travis A. Bell of Stem.


–end of President’s List–


Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



William P. Unger, III, of Butner;

Regina M. Durham and Bobby G. Elmore, both of Henderson;

Christie L. Jordan of Louisburg;

Donna J. Pearce of Zebulon.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Megan N. Jordan and Kaitlin H. Robertson, both of Henderson;

Katherine M. Sego of Wake Forest.


Associate in Arts:

Lizeth Y. Toral of Butner;

Bradley W. Beckham and Roxie L. Gilliam, both of Franklinton;

Annika N. Alicardi, Emma C. Burgess, Dishon J. Cobbins, Bethany C. Dement, Mallory P. Falkner, Lexus Fisher, Thomas D. Grissom, Tykayla Martin, Joshua B. Mercer, Braelyn M. Polk, Jakara D. Steed and Rosa-Isela Z. Trejo, all of Henderson;

Imani K. Burwell of Kittrell;

Robert A. Chafee, Joshua W. Moody and Nicholas E. Shearin, all of Louisburg;

Meagan M. Asselta and Daniel A. Davis, both of Norlina;

Tiffany L. Bradshaw, Trevor D. Breedlove, Caitlin E. Glover, Alexandria D. Hawley, Alexis Hawthorne, Madeleine M. Hubbard and Ymani D. Yancey, all of Oxford;

Shawna D. Vasilko of Raleigh;

Abigail E. Rodriguez of Stem;

Kelsey N. Carden and Stephanie Hommel, both of Youngsville;

Madison Volk of Zebulon.


Associate in General Education – General Science:

Rebecca L. Lee of Bullock;

Emily G. McGhee of Franklinton;

Jessica C. Allgood, James Bolton and Madalyne N. Woods, all of Henderson;

Katlyn T. Riley of Louisburg;

Maricela Carbajal of Oxford.


Associate in Science:

Toran S. Hughes and Matthew D. Smith, both of Creedmoor;

Courtney M. Brodie and Melissa A. Medlin, both of Franklinton;

Zachary T. Andrick, Megan D. Breedlove and Jason A. Taylor, all of Henderson;

Emily K. Garrett of Kittrell;

Christopher A. Ford and Daniel K. Hunter, both of Manson;

Dennis C. Archer of Oxford;

Luke V. Stavish of Stem;

Christian Frazier of Warrenton;

Julia A. Rhodes of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Latrell A. Smith of Louisburg;

Jonita L. Garnes and Wallace L. Howard, both of Wake Forest.


Bioprocess Technology:

Melissa D. Messner of Creedmoor.


Business Administration:

Lauren L. Key of Creedmoor;

Amie E. Annis of Franklinton;

Linda P. Baskett, Brisia L. Felix, Keenan L. Lewis and Jonathan Ramirez Perez, all of Henderson;

Allison K. Batchelor and Johnny B. Rogers, both of Louisburg;

Matthew T. Currin of Oxford;

Zenaia D. Champion and Kim N. Holland, both of Warrenton.



Brian C. Edwards of Henderson.


Computer Information Technology:

Sandy L. Tingen of Henderson.


Computer Technology Integration:

Tabatha D. Proffitt and Taylor N. Vass, both of Henderson;

Timothy A. Farley and Travis J. Power, both of Oxford;

Ashley N. Allen of Wake Forest.


Computer Technology Integration – Networking and Security Technologies Track:

Genifer R. Gibson of Fayetteville.


Computer Technology Integration – Web Design and Support Track:

Thomas K. Boyd of Henderson.



Toni A. Williams of Castalia;

Laquaanida Simmons of Durham;

Jasmine D. Blacknall, Tyeresa Bullock, Kimberly A. Edwards, Keosha S. Perry, Cecilia L. Rosales Martine and Shannon V. Satterwhite, all of Henderson;

MaNacon L. Harris of Hollister;

Shavonne D. Cheatham and Kelsey L. Edwards, both of Oxford;

Alicia M. Burke of Wake Forest.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Damon M. Brackett, Willie C. Tant and Hunter C. Thompson, all of Creedmoor;

Stacie A. Bowes of Henderson;

Dominique J. Braswell and Kendrick L. Gregory, both of Louisburg;

Jordan P. Dickerson and Dylan K. McFalls, both of Oxford;

Jessica Edwards-Kearney of Warrenton;

Todd T. Anderson of Youngsville.


Culinary Arts:

Emory L. Gant-Hawkins and Randy L. Wilfong, both of Henderson;

Amanda S. Tillotson of Stovall;

Samantha J. Bunn of Youngsville.


Early Childhood Education:

Deanna J. Godinez of Creedmoor;

Dana J. Harris and Carolyn F. Yancey, both of Henderson;

Tracey H. Humphries and Jesica Rivera, both of Oxford;

Vanessa Martinez of Youngsville.


Electrical Systems Technology:

William P. Moss of Henderson;

Nicholas D. Allen and James L. Bynum, Jr., both of Warrenton.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Justin Danielle T. Dizon of Butner.



Carnell Parham of Bullock;

Kimberly M. Alston of Roanoke Rapids;

Nancy M. Ianniello and John B. Thomas, both of Youngsville.


Global Logistics Technology:

Cherie L. McBeth of Henderson;

Eric W. Swart of Wake Forest.


Human Services Technology:

Kenia Benitez of Castalia;

Kim H. Holmes of Creedmoor;

Jenifer M. Stearns of Louisburg;

Lucille D. Ferrell of Henderson.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Nicole M. Humphries of Oxford.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Lauren N. Devore of Oxford;

Jennifer A. Smith of Raleigh.


Medical Assisting:

Tabitha L. Winstead of Creedmoor;

Kourtney J. Cockrell of Henderson;

Whitney D. Kelsey and Ashley P. Scarberry, both of Oxford.


Medical Office Administration:

Jamie D. Pendergrast of Butner;

Lakesha Jones of Durham;

Amy E. Downing of Franklinton;

Kalithia Adams, Katherine M. Matthews, Amaria G. Ponce and Dalisha M. Ricks, all of Henderson;

Cassidy M. Hinkle of Louisburg;

Jennifer D. Bowman of Oxford;

William A. Hamlett of Stem;

Kadedrah D. Small of Townsville;

Kayla N. Murray of Wake Forest.


Office Administration:

Zalika F. Brown of Manson;

Anella F. Cooper of Oxford.


Paralegal Technology:

Aide Nonato and April M. Thompson, both of Henderson;

Kala M. Bacon of Louisburg;

Margaret A. Cooper of Oxford;

Marilyn A. Swensen of Stem;

Shana J. Nunn of Wake Forest.


Pharmacy Technology:

Larry L. Morgan of Butner;

Jacqueline P. Burton, Janiqwa M. Cheek, Kaitlyn B. Gill and Sierra C. Hanks, all of Henderson;

Autumn L. Gruber of Rougemont.



Patricia A. Webb of Butner;

Lindsey B. Hinkle and Carmen R. Pate, both of Creedmoor;

John D. Britton, John T. Kelly and Juli A. Mitchell-Luther, all of Durham;

Amber N. Lankford of Efland;

Christina L. Cates of Franklinton;

Jenna F. Talley of Oxford;

Sarah E. Sutton of Raleigh;

Amberly L. Stepp of Rougemont;

Clinton R. Burnette and Chelsea M. Woods, both of Wake Forest;

Katie E. Sumner of Youngsville;

Hannah M. Griffin of Zebulon.


Simulation and Game Development:

Nyrelle S. Busby of Henderson;

Benjamin J. Knutson of Stem.


Web Technologies:

Eleanora Depasquale of Youngsville.


Welding Technology:

Cesar A. Terrazas of Butner;

Claude F. Creech of Henderson;

Deryke H. Schmeer of Rolesville;

Alexander P. Wittke of Youngsville.