Elissa Yount: Clouding The Waters

The Daily Dispatch did a commendable job of trying to show that the speakers at Monday’s City Council meeting just did not get it. They just did not understand what the IBT permit that will transfer water was all about.

Believe me, we get it. I would bet the speakers at the meeting could answer any question both technical and historical about the IBT permitting process. What I don’t believe is that we are getting the entire picture from our governing body.

So, here is the question. After we have paid for this permitting process for over 7 years, and after the permit is granted, just where do you think the additional water is going?

Is it going to be held in reserve for future growth for our poor county and the other two counties in the partnership?

Nope. It is going to Youngsville by way of Franklinton which now owns the Youngsville Water System. Did they know for a very long time that could provide water to Youngsville ?

So what? you say. There is plenty more water where that came from. Well, the water might be in Kerr Lake, but our capacity to withdraw it will have been met.

Can we get an IBT permit and not allocate the water?

Nope, not likely since you have to show need and since our population is decreasing, we just don’t show need. But, Franklinton, which is not a partner in our system, does show need.

So what? you say again. Just sell them the water and we can make some quick money.

Sure, but selling them the water means we have to treat it, transfer it through infrastructure, and keep up with technical advances to get it there. Lots of expense going forward and lots of risk are evident in this.

Would we ever be able to get the allotment back?

Nope, again not likely. Once that horse has left the barn, it is gone.

Who is making all these critical decisions? Just your local council members.

So the question is now: Do they get it?